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More of the trip home from Camp Paducah to Kingsport TN

by on July 31, 2016

As we were planning our trip Cheryl mentioned an interest in seeing Little Egypt (Cairo that I mentioned in the last post).  That one thought had me off and running on route ideas for the trip home.  My first thought was that we could go from Little Egypt area to TN – especially Nashville – because I had never been to TN.  While checking out the route I found a place called “Land Between the Lakes” that looked really cool.

Cheryl didn’t care about going to Nashville and she had just been to TN, but was open to considering the longer route since TN would be new for me.  We thought we would make a final decision which way to go home while at camp depending on how we felt and what the weather was like.

After experiencing several days of the crazy heat wave they were having, and the fact that the weather looked like it was going to be even hotter through TN, we thought maybe we’d skip this longer route and head home more directly.

Luckily for me, the night we were supposed to head home Cheryl was smart and checked the weather on the northern route.  It said severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings were expected for those areas!

O.K.  Nashville it is….. I was so happy we ended up going that way, and not just for the better weather.

Our first stop was Land Between the Lakes and it was awesome!  You get there by crossing over a huge lake (Cheryl has pictures of that on FB).  Once we crossed over we went to the Golden Pond Visitor Center.  The picture is a little fuzzy due to the temperature difference in the car (a/c blasting) and outside (hot!).


The visitor center was awesome.  We met the nicest person working there who gave us lots of info on where we could go with the dogs and the different things we could see.  After talking to him we changed our plans of driving across the land of the lakes and over both lakes to driving down the middle.

The middle allowed us to see buffalo:


And brought us to The Homeplace where they had old houses, farm animals, and people dressed for that time period.


We weren’t sure about paying to go in, until Cheryl talked to one of the rangers and found out the dogs were allowed literally everywhere – included in the air conditioned gift shop!  So we figured we could check things out and then cool the dogs off in the a/c.

There was this really nice path, with grass that Chance loved, on the way out to the homestead area


We walked the dogs around and into various buildings.



Past several different farm animals – as you can see, the sheep were not at all interested in us.  They were out wandering around when we went into one of the buildings and when we came out they had gone into a barn for some shade.  The could’ve cared less about the dogs, Chance and Zurri were a little more interested than the sheep, but very well behaved.  Cheryl had a little chat with Zurri explaining that these weren’t “her” sheep from herding classes.  As you can see Zurri listened well.


We spent the most time in a house that was an “I” style house.  It was designed, and placed for maximum airflow.  It really did work too, it was significantly cooler on the deck of this house than anywhere else we had been.  Obviously the people knew it too as the workers were sitting knitting on the porch cooling off after the work they did in the garden.  Chance and Zurri loved it here, and we enjoyed learning about the location from the women working.


The place was so dog friendly they even had a water bowl out on the back deck of the house.  Chance had no problem finding it.


On our way out we stopped in the gift shop so the dogs could cool off.  Cheryl bought an awesome CD that we listened too as we moved on down the road.  These are the nice ladies we spoke with while cooling the dogs off.  We asked them for good places to go if we were just going to drive to get a look at Nashville (too hot to walk the dogs around a city).  They gave us the name of a few streets which always helps make the city tour better.


What a great place, we definitely want to go back there some day and explore when we have more time.

After Land Between the Lakes we were off to Nashville.  I took a couple of pictures when we arrived, but then my camera was full 😦  The rest of our drive by tourism can be seen on FB as Cheryl did a great job of capturing it.

Here is the batman building that everyone talks about:


And this is the honky tonk area with all sorts of fun places for drinks, food, and music


We had a great time touring around the city checking things out.  Nashville looks like a really fun place and I am thrilled to be able to now say I have been to TN!

After Nashville we needed to get some miles in for the day and finally ended up stopping in Kingsport, TN.  We stayed at a Motel 6 because all the Red Roof Inns have changed their policy and only allow ONE dog per room.  This was horrible news and had a HUGE impact on our travel plans and left us scrambling to find places to stay.  Not happy with the Red Roof Inn company, but we didn’t let it ruin our fun.



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